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The Archives
Keeper of Archives: Dr Andrzej Suchcitz Deputy Keeper of Archives: Miss Jadwiga Kowalska MA The Archive reading room is open: Tuesday - Friday 9.30 - 4.00 pm (files cannot be ordered between 12.30 and 2 pm or after 3.30 pm) The reading room is closed throughout February. Persons wishing to use the Archive reading room must book an appointment. Tel. : 00 44 207 589 9249 - ask for the Archive office. Photocopies: 40 pence per copy (b/w), colour £ 1.00p Digital camera: 25 pence per photo.
The   first   two   pages   of   Gen.   W.   Sikorski's   letter   to   President W.   Raczkiewicz   with   Gen.   Sikorski's   hand   written   additions. (13.6.1941)
The    Institute    Archives    cover    approximately    1.5    kilometres    of    shelving,    including    250    metres    of    the    Polish    Underground Movement (1939-1945) Study Trust collections. The   majority   of   the   documentation   held   in   the   Archives   pertain   to   the   period   of   the   Second   World   War   1939-1945   and   Poland's role   in   it.   Researchers   will   also   find   the   papers   of   the   Polish   Goverment   in   Exile,   residing   in   London   between   1945   and   1990,   as   well   as fragmentary documentation for the inter war period 1918-1939. The Archives are basically divided into three parts: -   Documents   relating   to   the   Polish   Goverment   and   its   administration   beginning   with   the   Chancellery   of   the   President   of   the   Republic, the Council of Ministers, the National Council (parliament in exile), individual ministries, embassies, legations and commissions. -   Documents   relating   to   the   Polish   Armed   Forces   starting   with   the   C-in-C's   Secretariat,   General   Staff,   Ministry   of   National   Defence, corps,    divisions,    regiments,    battalions,    companies,    military    schools    and    institutions.    There    is    also    a    large    collection    of    written depositions   concerning   the   1939   Polish   Campaign,   unit   daily   orders   and   unit   war   diaries   and   chronicles.   The   Polish   Navy   and   the   Polish Air   Force   papers   form   a   separate   subsection.   In   both   cases   the   documents   cover   their   respective   headquarters,   through   to   the   papers   of individual squadrons and warships together with non combat institutions.
-   Personal   and   Subject   Collections   of   which   there   are   over   680.   These   are   the papers   of   individual   persons   and   institutions.   They   include   papers   of   politicians, soldiers,   diplomats,   academics,   writers,   painters   and   actors   as   well   as   of   various societies, veterans associations, academic and press institutions. Since the establishment of the Institute there have been four Keepers of Archives: 1. Dr. Edmund Oppman (1945-1951) 2. Regina Oppman (1951-1980) 3. Capt. Wacław Milewski (1980-1989) 4. Dr. Andrzej Suchcitz (1989- )
Dr. Edmund Oppman Keeper of Archives 1945-1951.
Mrs. Regina Oppman M.A. Keeper of Archives 1951- 1980.
Capt. Wacław Milewski Keeper of Archives 1980-1989.
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