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Online Documents
In the "Documents" section chosen files from the Archives will periodically be put online. To access individual files click the appropriate archival reference number (underlined in grey). The following files are now available online:
PRM A.III A.IV A.XII A.7.307 A.44 A.60 MAR LOT C B I     KOL R 
Documents of the Polish Council of Ministers, 1939 - 1991 Internment Camps of the Polish Army 1939 - 1940 Polish Army in France, 1939-1940 Polish General Staff and Ministry of National Defence Polish Embassy in Kuybyshev, Subgroup 307, Social Welfare The Polish Embassy to the Holy See: A.44.48/1 - A.44.52/19, A.44.52/20 - A.44.122/38, A.44.122/39 - A.44.123/10  The Polish Embassy in Rome: A.60/1 - A.60/60, A.60/61 - A.60/112 Documents of the Polish Navy 1925 - 1947 Documents of the Polish Air Force, 1935 - 1947 Unit Chronicles and War Diares Depositions concerning the Polish 1939 Campaign Files: B.I.1a - B.I.25e,   B.I.26a - B.I.39g, B.I.47a - B.I.119f (varia) Papers of individuals and of exiled organisations Polish Armed Forces unit daily orders
7th Infantry Division, Polish Army in the USSR. List of soldiers buried in Narpaj, Kenimech, Kermine and Kermine Station cemeteries including plans of the cemeteries, 1942. List of Polish refugees in the Valivade-Kolhapur camp in India, 1943-1948 Roll of honour of Polish Armed Forces personnel killed and died 1939 - 1946, London 1952
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