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Documents - KOL.212 Maj-Gen. Jerzy Wołkowicki Papers
The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
Personal documents, funeral obituaries, 1943 - 1984 Three address books Gen. J. Wołkowicki’s memories of the Battle of Tsushima, Gen. K. Masny, period as a Soviet prisoner in Kozielsk and Griazowiec with list of prisoners in the latter, 1941 - 1979 Private correspondence and birthday wishes, 1967 - 1983 Materiala concerning SPK Branch 220 in Penrhos. Polish Naval Association, Generals and Senior Commanders Association and other organisations in exile, 1967 - 1976 Typescript concerning Soviet Russia. Poems by Zbigniew Herbert, 1952 Photographs of Gen. J. Wołkowicki and his family Photographs from Syria and Lebanon during World War 2, official ceremonies in exile, Gen. W. Anders in New Jersey. Photographs of unidentified persons.
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