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Documents - MAR.A.IV Polish Navy in France 1939 - 1940
The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum
Cmdr T.Stoklasa's reports from London, Adm.Świrski's report on the state of the Polish Navy, report on the May 1939 staff talks in Warsaw, 1939-1940
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MAR.A.IV.1 - Organisation and activities of Polish Naval GHQ in Paris
MAR.A.IV.2 - Naval training battalion in France
Training of recruits in France, organisation and organisational orders of the Battalion, 1940 Roll call of names of those serving in the Battalion, 1940 Correspondence sent and phonograms, 1940
MAR.A.IV.3 - Naval economy documents
Documentation concerning the upkeep of the personnel of the 1st Naval Air Flight in Monfalcone and report of the Commission taking delivery of the MTB on the Isles of Wight, 1939
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